Climbing Mortirolo

Tour of the Alps 2004

This year I rode in the Alps for nine days, from June 26 to July 4. I followed this up with a couple more days cycling in the Italian Appenines, so maybe this should be called the Tour of the Alps and Appenines. Or maybe not.

I covered about 1400Km (870 miles) and climbed over 26000m (85300ft). Four friends—2 Germans, a Dutchman, and an American—joined me for various portions of the trip, though no one rode with me the whole time. I had one flat tire and wore through one pair of brake pads.

I enjoyed myself immensely.

You can read a day-by-day report, illustrated with some of my favorite photos:

  1. Saturday, June 26: Goldau - Meiringen (110Km, 2109m)
  2. Sunday, June 27: Meiringen - Andermatt (72Km, 2251m)
  3. Monday, June 28: Andermatt - San Bernardino (133Km, 2147m)
  4. Tuesday, June 29: San Bernardino - Pontresina (127Km, 2715m)
  5. Wednesday, June 30: Pontresina - Bormio (147Km, 3660m)
  6. Thursday, July 1: Bormio - Prato Isarco (Blumau a/d Eisack) (138Km, 1768m)
  7. Friday, July 2: Prato Isarco - La Villa (Val Badia) (68Km, 2364m)
  8. Satuday, July 3: La Villa - Forno di Zoldo (141Km, 3228m)
  9. Sunday, July 4: Forno di Zoldo - Abano Terme (190Km, 2517m)
  10. Tuesday, July 6: Bologna - Firenze (123Km, 1656m)
  11. Thursday, July 8: L'Aquila - Pescara (123Km, 1646m)

Or you can download all the text with no illustrations.

Or you can look at all the photos I took.

If you are a bike nerd, you may want to know about my equipment.

You should also check out the epic Alpine travelogues of Jobst Brandt, who first inspired me to take up bicycle touring more than a decade ago, when I was in college. I envy his ability to take three weeks off every summer to go cycling.